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Find your solution - Ramps and tiles tailored to your needs

Excellent Systems are experts in making your everyday life more accessible. Whether you’re inside, outside or on the move, we have a solution for you. Choose the area where you need help and find the solution that matches your needs.

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Eco-friendly Danish production

At Excellent Systems we work with the Circular Economy. The aim is to reduce plastic waste and save money for our customers. But it’s not just plastic we recycle. Focused of Excellent Systems’ recycling resources and reducing waste permeates all our work and values.

Disused products get new life

When the products are no longer used by our customers, or are worn out, we offer to pick up the plastic again. We then wash and grind it into new cast granulate. We’ve even invented the carbon-neutral washing machine to prepare the plastic in a sustainable way. The regenerated granulate is used directly in the production of new Excellent Systems products.

CE-marked products

All our own products are CE marked, for your peace of mind. Read more about our cerfitications here.

Does your municipality need to be a little greener?

To make it easier for you as customers to contribute to the circular economy, save on plastic and reduce plastic waste in nature, we have created a program specifically for municipalities, which we call Cradle to Cradle. Through the program, you save money and help recycle plastic in a sustainable way – right here in Denmark. At the same time, your citizens get high-quality, Danish-made, flexible and non-toxic products.

Sign up for free and support the cause:

  • Sustainable, local production with minimal waste
  • Danish-designed products produced in Denmark
  • Solutions for citizens that are strong and 100% non-toxic
  • Buying used products for regeneration
  • Circular economy and plastic recycling

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If there are people in the images, they must have given written consent for them to be used in marketing by Excellent Systems A/S and its distributors, and you must send us the consent form to ensure that the available images comply with relevant regulations