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Ramps and tiles for bathrooms

Many showers and bathroom floors are not designed for people with walking difficulties, so it can be difficult to get around.

With our eco-friendly solutions you can create better access in your bathroom. Shower KIT tiles can be customised to your shower. The tiles smooth out level differences without having to be fixed or modify the existing structure.

The system can be adapted to almost all shower stalls, facilitating access for both user and caregiver. Installation is done in a few hours, here and now. The long-term solution may be to remove obstacles when remodelling the bathroom. This is an expensive and usually time-consuming solution, with helpers often facing access problems while waiting.

Need help finding the right solution for your needs? You are welcome to contact us for a no-obligation chat about options.

Hævning af badeværelsegulv, med excellent fliser

Raised floor in the bathroom

Sometimes it can be an idea to raise the entire floor level in the bathroom, to facilitate access. Our tiles are very useful for this. The strong tiles can be adapted to the existing installations in the room, without the need for changes to the wall and floor. The tiles are 100% adapted to the room, ensuring that they cannot shift. Fixing by screwing into floors or walls, for example, is therefore not necessary. When you need to clean, simply lift the tiles, wash them and the floor, and put them back down. Easy, simple and safe.

Installing the tiles is also quick and easy, with minimal use of tools, as our tiles have pre-installed studs to bind the tiles together. All our bathroom solutions are made of 100% non-toxic polyethylene plastic. You can read more about the products gentle materials here.

If you have any questions about the solution or would like a quote, you are always welcome to contact us.


Need help finding the right solution for your home?
Contact us on tel: +45 8637 7133 or send us an email.

Solutions for raising floors

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