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Raising balconies with our ramps and tiles.

Many apartments today have balconies or balconies. However, most balconies are built with level differences, slats or other elements that present an accessibility challenge, for example if you are in a wheelchair or have a walker. Retrofitting a balcony, such as replacing balcony doors with more accessible solutions, can be an expensive undertaking. 

Fortunately, we have an easy, flexible, eco-friendly and cheaper alternative to creating access with non-toxic ramps and tiles for balconies and balconies. The strong Excellent Six-Pack tiles , can compensate for level differences by simply raising the floor level of your balcony or balcony. If you have an elevation in the form of a doorstep or listel in the balcony door, we of course also have a clever solution for a small doorstep ramp , on the inside of the door. Then all that's left is to enjoy the fresh air on the balcony! 

Read more about your options below, or contact us for a chat about options.

Altaner og balkoner med ramper og fliser til bedre adgangsforhold

Create access to your "outdoor space" in the apartment

The construction of most balconies often means that the balcony floor is at a lower level than the floor level of, for example, your apartment. This is, of course, to protect the building from outside water. At Excellent Systems, we have a solution for you that ensures access without the risk of water suddenly running into the living room. The adaptable ramps and tiles for balcony and balcony create access without opening the floodgates.

Under normal circumstances, a ramp can easily ensure accessibility to a terrace or other external areas. But what do you do if you have a small, narrow balcony where a ramp would take up too much space? 

In such a situation, we believe that the optimal solution is simply to "raise" the entire floor level using ramps and tiles on the balcony or balcony. Excellent Six-Pack has a low weight, low price and an incredible strength. At the same time, they can be adapted to the exact size and shape of your balcony or balcony. 

A gentle solution for both you and the environment

But what happens to the rainwater when the balcony floor is raised, you might rightly ask. Will it then start flowing into the house? 

No, fortunately it won't. With our ramps and tiles, rainwater, snow, etc. can easily run through and at the same time you achieve a stable and usable floor on your balcony or balcony. At the same time, the tiles are made of a very strong, non-toxic material. 

So you can let nature flourish and rainwater flow on the tiles without worrying about polluting the environment. You can read more about the materials we use - and recycle - here.

Balconies with and without ramps and tiles

A ramp is not always an optimal solution for a balcony or balcony - especially if space is limited and prevents the user from getting the most out of it.
If the floor level is raised, there will be optimal accessibility for everyone. Our ramps and tiles for balcony or terrace drain water from the surface and the solution weighs only a fraction of concrete tiles, for example.


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