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Customised solutions for home or work

Sometimes a single ramp or package solution is not enough. Homes and workplaces are different, and sometimes a custom solution is needed to create accessibility. Some of these could be:

Many houses have a corridor space with many doors. Such a corridor can often be problematic to provide with ramps, as they can take up so much space that it becomes difficult for a wheelchair user, for example, to use the corridor. However, if the corridor is "filled in" at doorstep level, you will have easy access to all rooms.

Does your home have low-lying doors? If so, make sure your doorstep ramp in front of the deep door does not have "holes" in the sides.

Sometimes you need a ramp for stairs, while allowing pedestrians to use steps. See our custom-built solutions below.

Rampen er installeret ved en dybtliggende dør

Recessed doors

This is the right doorstep solution if you have a deep door. 

By a deep door, we mean that there is a "notch" on the sides of the door frame, which can create gaps when using other ramp solutions. On the one hand, these holes can catch the wheels of a rollator or wheelchair, with serious consequences, and on the other hand, the holes act as dust and dirt traps.

You won't have to with this solution.

Excellent’s sustainable doorstep ramp can be adapted 100% to the door and itself hooked in, thus avoiding holes in the sides. 

This provides greater safety in the use of the ramp, as any wheels from wheelchairs, walking frames or other, can not be "caught" in the holes by the hook. 

At the same time, it gives a nicer overall impression and is easier to clean, as dust and dirt cannot creep into the holes.

You can read more about our solutions for doorsteps here, or contact us for a solution.

Do you have other accessibility challenges that you can't find a solution for? Our smart ramp and tile solutions can be adapted to virtually any situation. Contact us for a no obligation chat. Together we'll find a solution that works for you.

Illustration drawing of the limitation of the ramp if it is not followed from wall to wall


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Customised solutions

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