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Ramps for listed buildings - Excellent Ramp

The vast majority of listed buildings, such as churches, museums or other historic sites, are not accessible. Often because they were built long before there were building regulations and “access for all”.

When a building is listed, there are many rules and regulations that must be followed, including when working to increase accessibility. Often, the requirements for installing ramps are that no visible structural changes may be made to the building. This can present challenges in finding a safe, fixed solution.

At Excellent Systems, we have worked for many years to create accessibility for all in historic and listed sites, buildings, churches, staircases, etc.

See some of our solutions below, and contact us for a no obligation chat about your specific challenge. Together we’ll find the right, gentle and environmentally friendly solution.

Rampeløsning til bevaringsværdig bygning i Italien

Gentle solutions that are installed carefully, without damaging the historical heritage

Excellent Systems has many years of experience in gentle ramp solutions. The installations are very popular, do not damage or affect the area they are installed in, and are in demand all over the world. Over the years we have increased accessibility in many historic locations, most often with one of the 4 solutions below.

Not sure which solution is right for your needs? You are welcome to contact us.

Letterer færdsels på Ponte della Paglie broen med Excellent Systems ramper

Custom solutions for stairs

Venice in Italy is one of the most visited places in the world. It is estimated that up to 30 million tourists visit Venice – every year.

However, not all guests are equally at ease on their feet, and are challenged by the many stairs leading up to St Mark’s Square. The stairs, like everything else in the Italian city, are historic and worthy of preservation. A ramp solution must therefore be gentle.

With custom ramps from Excellent Systems, there is accessibility for all in the historic square, and the durable ramps can handle the heavy traffic. If one of the parts of the ramp becomes worn out by the many visitors, the ramp can easily be repaired by replacing the individual worn parts.

Looking for a similar solution? Contact us for a chat about solutions for stairs.

Skånsomme løsninger til bedre adgangsforhold

Gentle solutions inside

The church at Royal Holloway University of London, was completed in 1886 in England. The beautiful building was therefore built long before the focus on accessibility. This creates some challenges for people with walking difficulties and wheelchair users who want to visit and use the church.

Excellent Systems’ ramp modules are here adapted to the church’s shape and variation of level. With such an indoor solution, it is possible for the university to install a ramp without damaging or altering the building’s structure.

Therefore, with a solution from Excellent Systems, you do not break regulations regarding improvements to a listed building.

Need to improve accessibility inside a listed building? Contact us.

Ramper til fredet bygninger

Discreet doorstep solutions

Hornslet church dates back to 1310, but was probably founded earlier. The church has since been extended several times. However, it is not accessible for the disabled or wheelchair users.

To increase accessibility for elderly and disabled people, Excellent Systems has designed a series of small doorstep ramps that can be extended and removed as needed.

The ramps are lightweight and easy to lay out when needed. We produce the ramps in non-toxic and recyclable plastic, and will gladly take back end-of-life parts to grind and recycle into new products.

Contact us for more information on gentle doorstep solutions.

Ramper til bevaringsværdige bygninger -San Michele kirkegård

Anti-skid solutions outside

The cemetery island of San Michele in Venice is not an ordinary place. Among many, composer Igor Stravinsky and Russian ballet impresario Serge Diaghilev are buried here.

To improve access for pallbearers, staff, gardeners and the disabled, the cemetery has chosen to install Excellent Systems’ ramps, which are installed gently and without damaging the centuries-old buildings and paths.

The ramp is slip-resistant, making it more comfortable to walk up the ramp for both pedestrians and wheelchair users.

Looking for an outdoor solution for a historic building or location? Contact us.

Non-toxic solutions that do not pollute or affect the environment

All solutions from Excellent Systems are designed and manufactured at our own factory in Djursland, Denmark. The elements consist of polyethylene plastic, which is easy to use and adapt to the specific area you are looking for a solution for. The polyethylene is 100% non-toxic and does not emit any colour, odour or waste substances into the environment in which they are installed.

You can read more about the material, we use here, as well as see our overview of certificates and testsof the elements here.


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Ramp solutions for listed buildings

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