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Free information and guidance on installing and using Excellents solutions

Here you will find our complete overview of product information in the form of brochures, as well as pdf and video guides and instructions. All pdf files can be downloaded for free. If you cannot find the kind of information you are looking for, you are always welcome to contact us.

Calculate your own ramps with RampCalc

It can be difficult to know which ramp is the right solution for your exact accessibility challenge. That’s why we created RampCalc. RampCalc is a specialised calculator that helps you find your exact solution.

With RampCalc you can calculate dimensions, get information about the product content, which surface to choose, which edges to have on the ramp, the price, etc.,
on different types of our ramps.

The programme is set up in 11 steps and is specially designed to give you the best possible solutions to your particular challenge.

A login is required to use RampCalc. If your company or organisation is already using RampCalc, you can have your RampCalc administrator set you up as a user. If your company or organisation is not yet associated with RampCalc, you can contact us, to create a login.

For further questions about the use of RampCalc, you are of course always welcome to contact us.

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