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Solutions for wetlands and pools

Wetlands and pools can be slippery. Often tiles and other surfaces become slippery due to water splashing up from the pool, slide, fountain or similar. The fun can quickly come to an end if you slip on your back and hit the hard tiles.

With a slip-resistant floor from Excellent Systems, you create the best conditions for safer walking around wet areas and pools. The floor consists of plastic tiles that are designed with a slip-resistant effect. Holes, drains, curves and cut-outs in the floor are easily adjusted with a knife or jigsaw, without weakening the strength of the floor. The floor modules are made of 100% non-toxic plastic that do not emit undesirable substances or chemicals.

Should any part of the floor become damaged or worn, the individual tiles can easily be replaced with new ones. Therefore, this solution from Excellent Systems is both affordable, long-lasting and easy to adapt to new situations or requirements.

vandrutsjebane med skridhæmmende fliser til stien

Non-toxic solutions that do not pollute or affect the environment

The floor consists of plastic tiles designed with a slip-resistant effect. If you want extra slip resistance, you can add SlipStops to your solution. Read more about SlipStops further down the page. In addition to improving access in the wet area with a flooring solution from Excellent Systems, you also have a myriad of options for customising and decorating the floor. These can be warning colours, colour schemes, names, logos, information, directions, area divisions, mosaics, etc.

All solutions from Excellent Systems are designed and produced at our own factory on Djursland in Denmark. Also the floor solutions for wet areas and pools. The elements for the floor are made of polyethylene plastic, which is easy to apply and adapt to the specific wet area you are looking for a solution for. The polyethylene is 100% non-toxic and does not emit any colour, odour or waste substances into the environment in which they are installed. You can therefore also safely walk on the floor with bare feet.

You can read more about the material , we worked with here, as well as see our overview of certificates and tests of the elements here.

Fliserne kan bygges efter farve og mønster til sikre færdes ved svømmebassin


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Solutions for wetlands and pools

Extra slip-resistant underlay with SlipStop

For extra slip resistance, the tiles can be combined with our smart SlipStops for additional slip resistance.

SlipStop is an extra slip protection for Excellent Systems’ ramps and tiles that can be mounted under the individual ramp or tile. The unique shape of our SlipStops provides an optimal surface when combined with a ramp or tile and comes in several different colors. Read more about our slip resistance test of Excellent SlipStop here. Both tiles and SlipStops are designed so it’s not uncomfortable to walk on the floor with bare feet.

Excellent SlipStop is recommended for all wet areas and pools, but can also be used in other applications. If you already have a ramp or floor from Excellent Systems, it is easy to retrofit SlipStop. Contact us for questions and installation instructions here.

Excellent SlipStop is recommended to be installed in “chess cubes” in ramps and tiles. This provides the optimal surface coverage for the best possible slip resistance.

Installation i hvordan man brugere SlipStop
SlipStop fåes i gul farve

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