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Threshold ramps

There can be many different factors that determine which ramp solution is right for your doorstep and needs. That’s why we offer different types of tailored solutions, so you find a solution that suits your needs.

When choosing a ramp for your doorsteps inside, it’s a good idea to consider:

Would you like a solution that doesn’t require special tools and a lot of customisation to install? Then our smart QuickRamps can be a good solution.

Do you want a solution that you can assemble and customise yourself? Our pre-packaged Ramps KIT solutions come in 5 different sizes.

Need help finding the right solution for your needs? You are welcome to contact us. Together, we’ll find the solution that creates greater accessibility for you.

Dørtrinsramper med Excellent Systems Quickrampe



QuickRamps are delivered ready to use and can be dismantled and reassembled for new doors. This is useful if your needs change, or if you move house, for example.

The Quickramps are all made with a width of 100 cm and are easy to adjust yourself. However, all ramps can be supplied cut to a width of 75 87.5 and 100 cm, or to measure if required.

The height of the ramps varies from 4 to 60 mm. Find the right height for your doorstep by measuring it with our smart Ramp-O-Meter.

On the backside of the QuickRamps there is space for 4-5 mountingpads or mounting tape. The mounting pads have a double-adhesive surface on the underside, so they can be mounted directly on the floor.

When cleaning, the ramp is lifted from the floor and the mounting pads remain in place. After cleaning, the ramp is easily and simply placed on top of the mounting pads again.



4 mm
6 mm
8 mm
10 mm
12 mm
14 mm
16 mm
18 mm
20 mm
24 mm
28 mm
32 mm
36 mm
40 mm
44 mm
48 mm
52 mm
56 mm
60 mm


5 cm
5 cm
7,5 cm
10 cm
12,5 cm
12,5 cm
15 cm
15 cm
15 cm
15 cm
17,5 cm
20 cm
20 cm
25 cm
25 cm
25 cm
30 cm
32,5 cm
32,5 cm


All QuickRamps have standard dimensions of 100 cm but can be adapted to any dimensions below that.

Ramper til dørtrin

Installation video

How easy it is to install a QuickRamp

Watch this video on how to install a QuickRamp easily and simply, without the need for special tools. For more information about the installation and maintenance of QuickRamper, see our video tutorials.


Need help finding the right solution for your needs?
Contact us +45 8637 7133 or send us an email using the form here.

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