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Sustainable Danish production with non-toxic materials

At Excellent Systems we have always strived to impact our environment as little as possible, through sustainable production and the use of non-toxic materials. Our focus on recycling resources and reducing waste permeates all of Excellent Systems' work and values. 

CE mærkning med produkt ikoner

CE Labelled Products
All Excellent Systems' own ramps are CE marked. Read more.

Circular economy is smart business

There are many benefits to sustainable production, and both resources and money to save. Over the years, we have managed to recycle almost everything from our daily production. We usually say that the only waste we have is what comes from the canteen. Back in 1996, we started using the cooling water from our production machines to heat our offices. In this way we save water, electricity and heat. 

We also work with circular economy in production. When Excellent products are no longer used by our customers, or are worn out, we offer to pick them up again. We wash and grind the worn-out products into new dust granulate. We even have our own CO2-neutral washing machine, which uses rainwater to prepare the plastic. We then use the regenerated granulate directly in the production of new, smart products. This of course also applies to small residues and waste during production. 

The circular economy does not only benefit our company. Our customers also save money by sending end-of-life products for recycling. In fact, we give a cash discount on the next order, based on the number of kilograms of recycled plastic we receive. We call this program Cradle to Cradle. 

Sustainable Danish production with non-toxic materials

How we recycle plastics and create sustainable production

Ikontegn over PE plast piller


All our products are made of non-toxic Polyethylene (PE), plastic granulate. It is the same environmentally friendly material found on the inside of milk cartons and is approved for food use.

Ikontegning over støbemaskine


All our products are designed by Director Ole Frederiksen. They are produced in our factory near Mørke, and shipped to customers all over the world. Danish design, Danish quality, Danish production.

Illustrationstegning over rampe og tilbehør


Through injection moulding, we can produce the many different elements for our ramp and tile systems. By producing them locally, we ensure that quality and safety are always top notch.

Illustration over opbygning af rampe


We carry out assembly work throughout Denmark, and always ready for advice and guidance. For international customers, we have selected dealers worldwide who we train in the proper sale and installation of our products.

Byggerester samles i en bunke

Profits from adjustment

During assembly, excess material often occurs after adjustment. We take this material back to the factory where it is recycled again to reduce waste of good resources.

Vask af gammel byggerester

Washing and disinfection

Used parts and excess material from assembly are washed in our CO2 neutral washing machine to remove any dirt and grime. The machine uses rainwater and green power.

Vaskede byggerester bliver kværnet

Crushing and regeneration

The clean plastic is then ground into plastic granules. It's a simple process that makes it easy to recycle the plastic in our injection moulding machines. The granulation is carried out at the factory. 

Cyklus af vare der kan genanvendes

New products are ready!

The regenerated plastic granulate is now ready to be used in our production. The sustainable recycling process has ensured that the quality of the plastic is as good as new plastic. No waste, only good plastic!

Excellent Systems fabrik

Non-toxic and gentle materials that last

Ramperne er af PE materiale

Non-toxic PE plastic 

All Excellent Systems products are made of non-toxic Polyethylene - PE. Some products are made of PEHD, which stands for High Density and is hard plastic. Others are of PELD, which is Low Density and a softer plastic.

Produkterne kan holde til 2 tons pres

Strong products

PE products are strong and can carry weight up to 2000 kg. You can therefore use all kinds of wheelchairs and walking frames on the products, and even drive your car over them if the product is in your driveway, for example.

Fliser og ramper er skridhæmmende

Abrasion resistant surface

Our ramp systems have anti-slip surfaces. If the product is to be used in wet areas or other challenging environments, we recommend the purchase of our SlipStop, which is extra slip-resistant.

Vare er giftfri når der brandes

Giftfri ved Brand

PE plastic is environmentally friendly, according to DTU studies. They have shown that the plastic does not emit dangerous and toxic gases in case of fire, as many other ramps made of rubber, for example, do. Read more about these tests here.

PE materiale kan håndter skiftende temperatur

Varying temperatures

All our products can handle temperatures from -50C up to +100C. You can therefore safely use our many solutions in the vast majority of weather and working situations, without fear of the product breaking.

PE materiale er resistens mod syrer

Corrosive agents

PE products are acid-resistant and corrosion-free, and can withstand all kinds of common cleaning agents. The elements can be cleaned with e.g. a high-pressure cleaner or, if possible, in a normal dishwasher.

CE mærkning med produkt ikoner

CE Labelled Products 

All Excellent Systems' own ramps are CE marked. This ensures you as a user of the ramp and you can be confident in the quality of us as a manufacturer. See our certificeringer here or contact us, if you have any questions about safety on the ramps.

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