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Specially designed and environmentally friendly terraces

Most ground floor terraces are built with level differences, slats or other elements that present an accessibility challenge, for example if you are in a wheelchair or have a walking frame. Retrofitting a terrace, such as replacing patio doors with more accessible solutions, can be an expensive undertaking. 

Ramps at patio doors can often cause problems, especially in the case of a lift-and-slide or sliding door. Therefore, ramps are not always the best solution here. Traditional ramps cause problems as the door cannot be closed if the ramp is positioned correctly. It becomes difficult to use both the patio door and the ramp. In the worst case, it may be unsafe to use the ramp and accidents may occur.

We have the solution. With Excellent Systems eco-friendly, modular terrace solution, you can offset the ramps in relation to each other, without preventing the door from opening or closing.

Hævet terrassegulv med ramp til nedkørelse til haven

Raising the terrace - how it works

The ramps and tiles are built up level with the "centre rail" of the door. This design allows the door to slide into place without having to move the ramp.

When using a wheelchair or walker through the patio door, the top of the ramps, together with the centre rail of the door, act as a small rest. This creates an easy and practical solution where it is not necessary to move the ramp before and after use in order to open and close the door.

The modular solution is very flexible, and can be adapted to any situation, according to your wishes and needs. Should any part of the terrace be damaged, it is easy to replace individual parts of the system. The worn out parts we gladly take back and reuse for new products. In this way we ensure that the plastic does not go to waste and end up as waste in nature. You can read more about how we recycle here.

The design of the terrace solution is made so that rainwater can seep down through the terrace, without water collecting on the deck itself. This also protects you from slippery surfaces.

All Excellent Systems products are made of non-toxic plastic. You can therefore safely place furniture, plants and many guests on the deck. If the deck gets dirty, it's also easy to clean, as the system is resistant to all common cleaning products. Just remember to consider the environment when choosing your cleaning product.

Then all that's left is to relax and enjoy the terrace.

Hævning af terrassen giver mulighed for fri befærdelse mellem terrassedøren og opholdssted


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