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Entrance mats that keep dirt out

With a customised mat from Excellent Systems in front of the entrance to your school, leisure centre, SFO or similar, you prevent the worst dirt from getting in, while creating visibility and safety for both pedestrians and wheelchair users.

It's no secret that children bring in a lot of rubbish when they've been out playing well in the school playground or in the sandpit in the neighbourhood. This wears down the floor inside the door and requires extra effort from the cleaning staff. At the same time, it can also create slippery surfaces that children can slip and fall on.

To reduce the dirt that is dragged in, you can lay a mat. The mat is easy to maintain, 100% non-toxic and have a long service life.

See here what options you have to customize a solution to your exact challenge, or contact us for a no-obligation chat about options.

Måtte til hoveddør tager snavs og jord fra skoene

Less cleaning and you spare the floor inside

With an Excellent entrance mat lying in front of the entrance to the building, you reduce the amount of sand (which wears on all flooring like sandpaper) and pebbles (which can create holes in e.g. linolium flooring) that are brought in with the footwear. At the same time you improve overall impression and reduce the need for cleaning. The reduced wear and tear on indoor floor coverings considerably increases their lifespan.  

Save money and the environment

Excellent Systems entrance mats are made of 25 x 25 tiles, so they are easier to adapt to your entrance area. If parts of the mat wear out over time, you don't have to replace the whole mat. The smart tiles from Excellent Systems can be replaced individually. This saves you money and the environment resources. We are happy to take back the worn parts, grind them up and recycle them into new, smart products. You will receive a discount on your new order if you choose to return worn items to Excellent Systems for recycling. Read more about how we recycle plastic and how the circular economy works here.

Does the entrance have a high threshold? See below for solutions with entrance mats with integrated ramps.

Å-Hus har fået installeret en måtte med tekst og rampe til hovedindgang

Entrance mats can be laid with coloured tiles scattered around the mat, much to the delight of the children. This can make it extra entertaining for children to jump from colour to colour, while bouncing the dirt off their footwear. It's clever.

Entrance mats with built-in ramp

Excellent entrance doors can also incorporate ramps to bring them up to doorstep level, creating accessibility for all. No matter how high the door is, we can build ramps with just the right slope and width.

Our flexible ramp system has "built-in" drains to get rid of water and snow quickly and easily. The surface also dries quickly.

Say "Welcome", make level differences visible or put a logo on

As you can see in the pictures above, you also have the option to have text, colours or symbols on the entrance mats. If there are level differences on the entrance mat - for example if there is a built-in ramp - it may be a good idea to mark this with "warning colours" that make the level change visible.

Rampeløsning der fungere som dørmåtte til at fjerne snavs og jord fra indgangen


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